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When you need a chiropractor in West Salem, Wisconsin, you should begin your search at our Live Aligned clinic, because we’ve made a point of assembling the best staff of chiropractic professionals anywhere. That means you can count on receiving the very best care at our clinic, and on having your pain and discomfort drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated.

Chiropractic care always seeks to treat the underlying cause of your pain, instead of using medications and pain-killers to manage the symptoms for a few hours. Schedule an initial consultation with us, so we can begin the journey together which will lead you to a better state of whole-body health and well-being.



Custom Care Plans for You

Because we have highly skilled and experienced medical professionals on our team, we are able to provide superior care to all patients who come to our clinic. Regardless of the type of service we provide, you can count on it being of the highest quality and the most effective possible treatment for managing your pain and discomfort. Here are some of the services which we are called upon to provide most frequently to our patients, and your own treatment program may include one or more of these same services:

  • Detoxification – in order for your body to be rid of all the toxins which can build up over time, we provide a detoxification service which will purge those toxins, so they can’t inhibit your daily performance, and so they won’t affect how you feel every day.
  • Massage therapy – when used together with chiropractic care, this can be very helpful at restoring your body’s natural functionality. Massage therapy can help relieve pressure on nerves which developed as a result of spinal misalignment, and once the nerves are freed from spinal pressure, they will no longer sense pain from vertebrae.
  • Chiropractic care – this is an alternative medical approach to treating pain and discomfort which is much more concerned with whole-body wellness, and with trying to achieve the normal, natural balance between body systems. By relieving pain and discomfort from spinal misalignments, it can help you achieve a pain-free lifestyle, and freedom to pursue your normal daily activities again.
  • Nutritional counseling – if your body doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs every day, you won’t be able to perform up to your capabilities, and you won’t feel your best. Our nutrition experts can help guide you through making good food choices, while also educating you about which ones to avoid.

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If you’ve been considering chiropractic care for sometime now, but have not yet taken the plunge, please do contact us at Live Aligned. We will put you in touch with a chiropractor in West Salem, Wisconsin that will help guide you to a pain-free lifestyle which you may not have thought possible before. Our medical practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and skilled at finding the source of your pain, and then working with you to reduce or banish the pain altogether. Take that first step toward a pain-free lifestyle, and let our chiropractic specialists help you become a better version of yourself.

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Chiropractic Care in West Salem, WI, 54669

“I’ve been going to different chiropractor facilities for 3 years now. Being inside this facility for 30 minutes I’ve learned more about my spine than any other chiropractic facility I have been at. I was very please with the service.”

- Jackie Xiong

Neck Pain Treatment in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Since my journey with Live Aligned, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my shoulder and neck pain. I’ve gotten stronger and able to enjoy actives that I couldn’t do before due to too much pain. Dr Scott not only addresses the issue but takes time to fix them. My experience has been amazing because their staff; Trish, Hannah, & Dr Scott, are amazing. They also have the sweetest and gentle greeting dog named Tori.”

- Allicen Woiak

Back Pain Relief in West Salem, WI, 54669

“I came to Dr Scott when I was finally so miserable with lower back pain that I knew I had to do something. I had lower back issues off & on since my pregnancies and my oldest is now 14! I've also had desk jobs since I was 20 years old; now I'm 39. Traditional chiropractic care did little to help me. I'd get some relief but the pain and discomfort always returned. I knew I needed a real solution and not a Band-Aid to the problem. I didn't want to "settle" or accept having this pain the rest of my life. Dr Scott gave a presentation at my fiancé's employer. My fiancé was impressed with Dr Scott's message, the information and said I should go check him out. So I went...and I'm so grateful I did! I just completed my treatment and my issues are almost 100% corrected! I had relief within the first 2-3 weeks of care and it continued throughout my treatment process. I had NO idea what was going on with my spine, neck and hips or that I had one leg shorter than another! Dr Scott showed me what no other Doctor had taken the time to look at it or explain to me. And they are all things that affect your body's structure! Now my mobility is better, I don't have pain when I work out, sit or walk, no headaches and my posture is 100% improved. You simply cannot deny the results; you can see it on films and pictures! I've recommended Dr Scott to family and friends and anyone who is having any sort of body aches, pain, soreness, headaches....regardless if its your head, back, neck or other areas you may be surprised to find out how they are all connected and affect different parts of your body. The best part is that Dr Scott doesn't pressure you into treatments. He genuinely wants to help and will find the best solution for you! He won't do anything that isn't necessary and he explains everything. If you are having any issues and you care about your overall health, quality of life, longevity and want that improved go see Dr Scott!By the way; his Staff is amazing as well!”

- Marsha Ogle

Posture Correction in West Salem, WI, 54669

“My job had taken a toll on my lower back and my symptoms were getting worse until I came to Live Aligned. My experience at Live Aligned has not only been one of progress and professionalism, but the experience also felt like I was going to visit close friends who wanted me to get better, rather than just another trip to the chiropractor. My pain has gone away, I have more energy and my posture has improved! Definitely would recommend Live Aligned to anyone who wants to feel better and get the root of their back/neck problems solved. Thank you to Dr. Scott and his staff!J. Eddy”

- Graham Eddy

Chiropractic BioPhysics in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Has to be the best chiropractor I have ever been to !!!!”


Auto Injury Treatment in West Salem, WI, 54669

“The whole staff carries an awesome balance of "professional" and "friendly." Dr. Scott is great about asking good questions, listening, and really looking for the best plan for each individual. Highly recommendable!”

- Laura Holum

Scoliosis Treatment in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Outside of our regular appointments at live alligned, I always go to Dr. Scott when my boys or I aren’t feeling well. He always knows exactly what to adjust and we always feel so much better after! My youngest struggled with ear infections and Dr. Scott was the first one to notice and adjusted him every ear infection until they totally stopped. His last one was at 3 months and he is now 10 months and hasn’t had one since! We are so thankful for Dr. Scott and the amazing staff at Live Alligned! I definitely reccomend them.”

- Janelle Blount

Shockwave Therapy in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Very thorough friendly staff and very knowledgeable I didn’t realize how much this could affect my life until they explained it to me”

- Boyd Shaw Jr.

Sciatica Treatment in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Live Aligned has help me change my life. I have been pain free since starting my personalized program. My energy, health, and vitality have all improve since day 1. I haven't felt this great since I was 20 years old. The whole office treated me like family and has always worked with my schedule. I give Live Aligned a 100 out of 100. I will always go to Live Aligned”

- Brian Bodnar

Headache Treatment in West Salem, WI, 54669

“Huge thank you to Dr. Scott and the staff here! The girls out front were very friendly and welcoming , and always helpful. I originally went into Live Aligned due to pain in my jaw. After talking with Dr. Scott, we found that my jaw pain was due to the loss of curve in my neck, and we were able to come up with a plan that fit my schedule. Now I feel so much better, and along with my neck adjustments he also adjusted my back, which had also lost curve.”

- Angela Witmer