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Shockwave therapy is a very powerful scientific tool consisting of projected sound waves, which can be used to apply physical force to the body in a manner which produces beneficial results. It has been shown to be effective in treating all kinds of bodily ailments. As an example, research has clearly demonstrated that shock therapy can provide significant improvement for patients suffering from joint pain, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel, sciatica, diabetic ulcers, non-healing fractures, and skin repair.

At the Live Aligned chiropractic center in Onalaska, Wisconsin, we offer shockwave therapy as one form of treatment to patients seeking relief from any of the above issues. You probably haven’t heard much about shockwave therapy, so you should continue reading below to learn about some of the terrific benefits it can deliver. Many patients have already experienced major improvements in their conditions after being treated by this method.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Onalaska, WI

The first thing you’ll appreciate about shockwave therapy is that it can be administered very quickly, in most cases taking up less than 10 minutes of your time. Depending on the condition being treated, somewhere between four and eight sessions are generally necessary to accomplish the desired result, so it’s not a process that goes on and on. In terms of what you feel during treatment, it has been likened to a deep-tissue massage. That means it’s not quite free of all discomfort, but you won’t be feeling any sharp or really uncomfortable pains while treatment is in progress.

It’s also a very affordable type of medical treatment, as opposed to some more elaborate medical procedures. The only drawback in the area of cost is that many insurance carriers have not accepted shockwave therapy as a viable form of treatment, and decline to reimburse patients for the cost of treatment. The lone exception is in the area of treating plantar fasciitis, which most carriers do reimburse for. At some point, insurance companies may reverse course and reimburse patients for shockwave therapy, because the mountain of convincing research simply can’t be disputed.

It’s very hard to understand the reluctance on the part of insurance companies, given the fact that shockwave therapy produces long-lasting results, unlike steroid injections or massage therapy, which are both temporary at best. Perhaps best of all, shockwave therapy works very well with other forms of customized treatment, which means that results can be twice as effective and twice as long-lasting. It is effective as a standalone treatment as well, but when other therapies are indicated, they will work really well in tandem with shockwave therapy.

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If you have any of the health issues described above, or another one which sounds like it might be treatable via shockwave therapy, please do contact us at the Live Aligned center in Onalaska, WI. One of our expert chiropractic specialists will consult with you to determine exactly what you’re experiencing, and then we’ll use modern diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain or discomfort. If shockwave therapy is a good candidate form of treatment, we’ll discuss the procedure with you so you know what to expect. Then whatever program of treatment has been customized for you personally, can get you started back on the path to whole-body wellness again.