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Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a disease which first impacts young people between the ages of 10 and 14, and among other things, it can cause a curvature of the spine which will gradually become more pronounced over time. 80% of scoliosis that starts in adolescence affects girls. For most girls, the disease will develop between the ages of 10 and 12, and for most boys it will occur a little later, between the ages of 12 and 14.

That makes these ages the ideal time for having a child screened for the disease, so that it can be detected as soon as possible, and effective treatment can be administered. The chances of controlling the disease and preventing any further damage are much greater when it is caught early through screening. The trouble is, most parents don’t really pay close attention to their children’s bodies at those ages, since they have developed to the point where they’re doing all their own dressing and bathing.

However, some of the more obvious symptoms of scoliosis include the following:

  • asymmetrical hips
  • asymmetrical waist
  • asymmetrical shoulders
  • hump in the area of the ribs
  • noticeable curvature of the spine
  • prominent shoulder blades.

If you should notice any of these symptoms developing in your child, you should bring them into our Live Aligned chiropractic center in Onalaska, Wisconsin, at the earliest opportunity. If you child has the disease and it goes untreated, it can lead to pain and discomfort while sitting or standing, it can cause weakness of the muscles, and sometimes it will even trigger problems with your child’s vital organs. There is a narrow window of opportunity to manage the curvature before surgery becomes necessary.

By detecting scoliosis in its earliest stages, there will be a great many more options for non-surgical treatment, and the outcomes of any intervention will almost always be much better.

Screening for scoliosis in Onalaska, WI

When you are suspecting scoliosis, you will come into Live Aligned chiropractic center in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and meet with one of our chiropractic doctors who are trained in post-graduate certification programs that cover advanced methods of detecting scoliosis, as well as all contemporary methods used to manage the curvature. We start with a thorough visual screening and physical assessment. Once the screening has been performed, a computerized, 3-D postural evaluation will be conducted, as well as a hip examination and a check for general skeletal characteristics.

You will be checked for spine tenderness, and sitting and standing height will also be measured, so that any future differences can be more obvious, and any progression of the disease can be identified. The gold standard to measure the scoliosis is X-ray evaluation. It is also possible in some types of curves that MRI scans may be ordered.

Treatment for scoliosis

The precise treatment for scoliosis will always be customized to the level of the disease itself in any individual. There is no one-size-fits-all kind of treatment for scoliosis, because there are so many different configurations and stages of progress of the disease. However, mild and moderate scoliosis can often be effective managed using rehabilitation techniques.

Larger curvatures of the spine will often require scoliosis bracing, which seeks to provide support for the spine, and to counteract the progress of the disease by preventing additional curvature. Those people who have been afflicted with severe cases of scoliosis will generally require scoliosis bracing, and in many cases it may also be necessary to perform corrective surgery, so as to restore a more normal spinal position.

In addition to these methods, most treatment programs for scoliosis will also call for some type of rehabilitation, as well as specific exercises designed to halt the progress of the disease.

Setup a screening today

Scoliosis is something that everyone should take seriously, because of the consequences if it should go undetected and untreated could lead to surgical fusion with long metal rods. It is especially important that you have a children between the ages of 10 and 14 screened yearly. You can bring them in for an exam at Live Aligned chiropractic center in Onalaska, WI. Adults living with pain from a scoliosis can get more relief from attaining some degree of curve correction. A simple, non-invasive test will determine whether or not you the disease, what size the curve is and if there is available treatment that may be able to provide correction of the curve.