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Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain is one of the most common problems a person reports when seeing a doctor. In fact over 85% of people have low back pain at some point in their lives. Low back pain is so common it is the number one cause of disability in people 45 years old and younger.

Low back pain can start suddenly with an injury, or can slowly worsen over time. Injuries can include slips/falls, lifting injuries, car crashes and sports injuries. These sudden traumas cause damage to tissues of the low back. Depending on the tissues damaged the pain can be temporary or become chronic and recurring.

When pain slowly comes over time, it often starts with stiffness in the back, often experienced when getting out of bed in the morning or when standing for a long period of time. This is the initial warning sign that something isn’t right with the back. Early identification of the problem is extremely important to prevent the problem from worsening and the pain from becoming permanent.

People who live in the area around Onalaska, Wisconsin have the amazing opportunity of having the cause of their lower back pain identified by experienced chiropractors at Live Aligned. This can then lead to treatment that can result in long-term improvement or even complete correction of the problem.

Causes of back pain

It’s true that many people are not even aware of what first triggered their lower back pain, so they think that because it had no real cause, there’s no way it can be treated either. The most common underlying cause of low back pain, outside of injuries to the back, is chronic poor posture and alignment of the spine. This slowly developing abnormal alignment can lead to strained muscles, pressure on the discs, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, compression fractures, stenosis and pinched nerves, facet joint inflammation, and degenerative disc disease.

After the underlying cause of the low back pain is identified your chiropractor at Live Aligned will put together options to provide immediate relief from the pain as well as possible treatment to correct the underlying cause of the pain. This has the potential of long-term correction of the problem. This allows our patents to sleep pain free, work and perform the activities that have become restricted due to the pain.

Treatment for lower back pain

The first step toward a life free form low back pain, is to consult with the board certified Doctors of Chiropractic at Live Aligned in Onalaska, WI. When you take that first step and go in for an initial consultation, the doctor will review your family medical history with you as well as your own, and then you will be given a thorough exam to determine your current physical status. Your posture and alignment will be carefully evaluated using computerized methods.

Once all that information has been obtained, your doctor will use all the diagnostic tools available to attempt to discover the root cause of your lower back pain. Having identified that cause, your doctor will then combine cutting-edge treatments tailored to your circumstances. All of our methods have been shown to be safe and effective.

In most cases, your doctor will recommend some very specific chiropractic adjustments to your spine, possibly some spinal rehabilitation, and massage therapy, which will soothe distressed muscles and joints, and help to bring misaligned vertebrae back into position. Understanding that lower back pain can be severe enough that it will have a major impact on what you’re able to do in your life, we do everything possible to restore your normal physical condition, so you can resume the life you would like to be living.

No one should suffer from back pain.

And you don’t have to either. Contact us at Live Aligned in Onalaska, WI, so we can setup an initial consultation and exam that will help to diagnose the cause of your back pain. Once that cause is known, we can discuss treatment options with you. Regardless of the option that is right for you, we will begin right away to provide relief from the inflammation and pain. Correction of the problem is always our top priority, so you won’t be bothered with recurring pain time and time again.