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When you come to our chiropractic clinic in Onalaska, you will notice the difference right away.

As an Onalaska Chiropractor, we believe in overall health. We are not the only Chiropractor in Onalaska but we are the only CBP® (Chiropractic BioPhysics Chiropractor), which means that we have taken that extra step to be the best in chiropractic care, that we can be. A CBP® Chiropractor Onalaska has been through special training that goes above and beyond their doctorate degree. We care about our patients and want to provide the very best care for them. This is why it is important that we do whatever it takes to learn about the spine and how it needs to function properly in order for us to be healthy.

  • BE WELL.

We believe you deserve to understand what is going on with your body.

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We are a more intense Onalaska chiropractor as we take digital X-rays that will compare your spine to that of a perfect spine. This “perfect spine” comes from years of studies in CBP®. Everything about CBP® is backed up with qualified case studies and is not based on someone’s feelings. It is a science that shows that we are doing something and changing your spine and posture for the better. As a Chiropractor in Onalaska, we believe in giving proper care where it is needed. Our digital Xrays will further explain what we mean.


When seeking a Chiropractor in Onalaska you should look for someone that is CBP® certified. This will ensure that you are working with the best out there. This level of training is exclusive and backed up by scientific studies. As a Chiropractor in Onalaska, we believe that our patients deserve the very best care possible. That is why our Onalaska chiropractic services are done with the CBP® model in mind. Our digital X-rays are easy to read and understand, even for those not trained in this. We are happy to go over everything and explain why you feel like you do. Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you might have for your Chiropractor in Onalaska, Wisconsin.


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Amazing care from Dr. Scott and Dr. Alex as well as all of their team. Very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Also extremely caring towards their patients and their patients needs. They truly hold their patients on a pedestal when it comes... to their patients fields of concern. I have gained more insight and care/treatment to my issues from Dr. Scott and Dr. Alex than I have from other health care providers. My journey has only began but so far I feel as if I am obtaining some relief already compared to before with other providers.read more
Ty Burkholder
Ty Burkholder
03:26 12 Aug 22
Genuinely friendly and caring staff. The doctor was thorough in his examination and explanation of his findings. A complete approach to realigning the body and providing a whole person/"treat the problem not the symptoms" treatment.
Laurie Sagler
Laurie Sagler
16:16 22 Jun 22
I absolutely recommend Live Aligned and Doctor Scott. They totally changed my life with their traction and adjustments.
Briesanna Warden
Briesanna Warden
15:20 09 Jun 22
Great service staff n dr Scott is very educated on helping you knowing where to get problem n help you to feel much better n with mobility. He listens n has patience for you. Thank you Dr Scott for helping me n glad I was able to get to know u n... staff members n start to feel much better. Thank you Gailread more
Gail Shaleen
Gail Shaleen
01:58 13 May 22
I love everything about this place. The staff is amazing & very friendly. They make you feel so comfortable. And the Chiropractor most definitely know exactly what he is doing.
Cheryl Nolte
Cheryl Nolte
02:00 17 Feb 22
They do an excellent job all around. Very friendly atmosphere as well as a more relaxed environment. They were willing to work with me and my schedule which shows they actually care. Most importantly I saw the results I was looking for and know... how to maintain them.read more
Jeff Rochester
Jeff Rochester
18:23 01 Dec 21



Our posture has been declining in recent years as a whole. Today, we are looking down at our devices a lot more than we did in the past. Our jobs require us to sit or stand for a long period of time which can pull on the body. More and more people need an Onalaska chiropractor than actually seek us, just because you don’t hurt doesn’t mean that you don’t need a Chiropractor in Onalaska. As the populations’ posture is becoming worse and worse with time. This can be seen at just about any age. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Onalaska, you have come to the right place. Give us a call.

Caring for your spine is important as it is attached to just about every other part of your body. When you have tingling in your arms and legs, most likely it stems back to your spine. As a Chiropractor in Onalaska, we can help with arm and feet tingling and numbness. We work on your posture through exercises, traction, and manual manipulation. Nothing is invasive and this is an all-natural remedy that helps your overall body function.

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