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If you’ve been suffering from back pain or neck pain for quite some time now, and you’re ready to take steps to eliminate that pain, you should get in touch with your local chiropractor in La Crescent, Minnesota at the Live Aligned clinic. Our approach at Live Aligned is to forego all the pain-killers and medications which your doctor may have been recommending to you, and instead to go right to the true source of your pain and tackle that. Many back and neck pains are actually caused by spinal misalignments, and the pressure that misaligned vertebrae exert on nerve tissue in some areas.

Once your spine is properly aligned and that nerve pressure is relieved, your body can begin its own natural healing process, and it will be much longer-lasting than any kind of medication can be. You’ll begin feeling better right after your first chiropractic session, and you’ll continue to feel better with each successive session. You owe it to yourself to see how chiropractic care can benefit you, and how it can literally change your entire lifestyle, simply by restoring proper alignment to your spinal column, and allowing your body to perform naturally.



Treatment Plans Custom to You

The services provided at our Live Aligned clinic are all administered by experts in their field, so you will receive the maximum benefit from each one of them. In some cases, we’ll ask you to carry out home exercises on your own, so as to accelerate the healing process, and to supplement the care you are given at our clinic. Your program of treatment may include one or more of the services described below:

  • Nutritional counseling – what you eat and drink is very important to your overall state of well-being, partly because your body can’t perform at its best without having the proper nutrients. Our expert nutritionist will advise you on which foods to focus on, and which to avoid.
  • Detoxification – most people have no idea about the number of toxins which can accumulate in the body, just through normal daily activities. Purging these toxins will allow your body to function much better, and you’ll feel a whole lot better as well, once they’re gone.
  • Chiropractic care – gentle spinal manipulation can be very effective at restoring the proper positioning of the spine, and that will relieve pressure on nerves which may have been damaged. Once your spine is re-aligned, you’ll be back on the road to being pain-free.
  • Massage therapy – when used with chiropractic treatment, massage therapy can help restore proper functionality to tissue and muscles which were bothered by spinal misalignment. This will allow your body to get back to normal functionality, with much less pain and discomfort.

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No one has to live with chronic pain, especially since it can be managed so efficiently through chiropractic care. Contact your chiropractor in La Crescent, Minnesota at the Live Aligned clinic, and you will have taken the first step toward a pain-free lifestyle. After one of our specialists has an initial consultation with you to learn your full medical history, and what you’re feeling, we’ll use modern diagnostic equipment to discover the source of your pain and discomfort. Then we’ll work with you on developing a program that will help you achieve whole-body wellness and better health.

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Customer Reviews

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Back Pain Treatment in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“I went in to see Dr. Scott to help me with my persistent migraines that I've had for about 15 years. He took Xrays and explained why I was physically getting the migraines. He informed me that he could put a normal curve back in my neck through traction and adjustments. After the 1st month, I haven't had any migraines and my overall physical wellbeing has improved. I feel the best I have in years since my neck problems started 15 years ago. I believe going to Dr. Scott would be beneficial for anyone experiencing any back or neck pain. - Matt H.”

- Kelly Hertzfeldt

Neck Pain Relief in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“I was tired of paying money to be adjusted and not finding any relief to my severe neck pain. When I was recommended to Live Aligned I was skeptical from previous chiropractors. During my first visit I was taught how improper curves in the spine can affect your overall health. Three months in I can assure you that the methods that Dr. Scott uses work and I'm excited to see what progress will be made going forward.”

- McCoy Hanson

Migraine Relief in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Dr. Scott is great. He listens and sincerely wants to get you feeling well and keep you well. His entire staff is very friendly as well. I highly recommend taking your family there!”

- Jessica Apfel Miller

Pediatric Care in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Earlier this year I took a chance. I have been to a number of chiropractors over the years, I have been adjusted who knows how many times, all just for some instant, short lived relief. The aches and pains always came back just as bad as before, and I had given up on ever being comfortable, running around with my daughter, and just plain old being able to walk pain free. But I took a chance, I made an appointment, and I met with Dr. Scott. He was the most thorough, understanding chiropractor I have ever been to. He explained the effects your spine had on your health from head to toe, and I learned so much just in my first couple appointments! Now after 12 weeks of traction appointments I can walk pain free, I can run with my daughter, my physical and mental health have greatly improved and I am so great full that I took that chance. Doctor Scott and his staff are so welcoming, easy to talk to, understand, and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Live Aligned Chiropractic!”

- Amanda Jankowski

Chiropractic BioPhysics in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Has to be the best chiropractor I have ever been to !!!!”


Headache Relief in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Dr. Scott takes the time to really understand each persons situation and does his best to help them. The staff is always friendly and makes you feel very welcomed.”

- Clara Horn

Shockwave Therapy in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“My Neck feels 100% better! Dr. Scott and the team at Live Aligned are truly the best in the Industry. I have had neck pain for 20 years and after doing traction the pain is gone.The block scheduling works great for anyone that is busy. There is no waiting for 20-30 minutes past your appointment time like you do at all the other chiropractors. If you show up he will get you adjusted right away!”

- Mark Clough

Auto Injury Care in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Had a great experience with the friendly staff as I went through the traction program they offered. It made a big difference on my daily routine. Got rid of my ciatic pain and way more flexibility!Thank you Live Aligned!”

- josh chapman

Scoliosis Care in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“Dr Scott and everyone here is AWESOME! Always concerned about how you're doing and if there is more they can do.”

- Julie moldenhauer

Posture Correction in La Crescent, MN, 55947

“I am very happy with the quality and the concern, the entire staff takes with me , and their patients. I have recommended them to others. My only problem, and it's my problem is my insurance, doesn't cover it.”

- Tracy Smith