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As any chiropractor in Galesville, Wisconsin can tell you, there is no more effective treatment for back pain or neck pain than expert care delivered by a skilled chiropractor. The experienced and knowledgeable practitioners at our Live Aligned clinic serving Galesville are capable of removing that constant pain you’ve been feeling through gentle spinal manipulation, often coupled with massage therapy to relieve stressed nerves and muscle tissue. Up to now, you may have been managing your pain and discomfort with medications and painkillers, but these are really only effective for a few hours. Once their influence subsides, all your pains and aches will return in full force, and you’ll be obliged to repeat the cycle again.

You can break free from that cycle by deciding on chiropractic care, because this medical approach does not rely on medications, surgeries, or painkillers. Instead, it favors allowing the natural healing powers of the body to recover from pain and stressors, by removing the source of the pain in the first place. Quite often, this source has its origins in a misaligned spine and the resulting pressure that gets exerted on nerves and muscles in the nearby area of the body. Once the spine has been properly aligned again, the body can heal itself fairly rapidly, and you might be completely pain-free.



Custom Treatment Plans

Once the cause of your pain has been identified, our specialists will prepare a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances. That plan may include one or more of the services described below, as well as some home exercises and stretches which will help to accelerate healing. All these services will be administered by experts in their field, so you can be sure of realizing the maximum benefit from each:

  • Nutritional counseling – without the proper nutrition, your body won’t be able to perform up to its capability, and you won’t feel at your best. Our knowledgeable nutritionists will advise you on the proper foods to eat, as well as those which should be avoided.
  • Chiropractic care – gentle manipulations of the spinal column will be used to re-align your spine, and restore vertebrae to their proper positions in the body. After this, massage therapy may be used to relieve pressure on nervous tissue and muscles.
  • Massage therapy – this service can be very effective at restoring full functionality to nerves that have been pressured by vertebrae that were out of position. A skilled therapist will know how to relieve pressure from the spine and recover the normal function of nerves and tissues.
  • Detoxification – when the body has been rid of toxins that inhibit performance and make you feel lethargic, you’ll be able to perform at a higher level, and you’ll feel much better as well.

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If you’re ready to take the first step toward a pain-free lifestyle, contact us at the Live Aligned clinic. At our clinic, a chiropractor serving Galesville, Wisconsin will consult with you to determine what you’re feeling, and then use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Then we’ll prepare a fully customized program of treatment, which will be designed to progress you toward being totally pain-free.

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Back Pain Relief in Galesville, WI, 54630

“I came to Dr Scott when I was finally so miserable with lower back pain that I knew I had to do something. I had lower back issues off & on since my pregnancies and my oldest is now 14! I've also had desk jobs since I was 20 years old; now I'm 39. Traditional chiropractic care did little to help me. I'd get some relief but the pain and discomfort always returned. I knew I needed a real solution and not a Band-Aid to the problem. I didn't want to "settle" or accept having this pain the rest of my life. Dr Scott gave a presentation at my fiancé's employer. My fiancé was impressed with Dr Scott's message, the information and said I should go check him out. So I went...and I'm so grateful I did! I just completed my treatment and my issues are almost 100% corrected! I had relief within the first 2-3 weeks of care and it continued throughout my treatment process. I had NO idea what was going on with my spine, neck and hips or that I had one leg shorter than another! Dr Scott showed me what no other Doctor had taken the time to look at it or explain to me. And they are all things that affect your body's structure! Now my mobility is better, I don't have pain when I work out, sit or walk, no headaches and my posture is 100% improved. You simply cannot deny the results; you can see it on films and pictures! I've recommended Dr Scott to family and friends and anyone who is having any sort of body aches, pain, soreness, headaches....regardless if its your head, back, neck or other areas you may be surprised to find out how they are all connected and affect different parts of your body. The best part is that Dr Scott doesn't pressure you into treatments. He genuinely wants to help and will find the best solution for you! He won't do anything that isn't necessary and he explains everything. If you are having any issues and you care about your overall health, quality of life, longevity and want that improved go see Dr Scott!By the way; his Staff is amazing as well!”

- Marsha Ogle

Neck Pain Treatment in Galesville, WI, 54630

“I went in to see Dr. Scott to help me with my persistent migraines that I've had for about 15 years. He took Xrays and explained why I was physically getting the migraines. He informed me that he could put a normal curve back in my neck through traction and adjustments. After the 1st month, I haven't had any migraines and my overall physical wellbeing has improved. I feel the best I have in years since my neck problems started 15 years ago. I believe going to Dr. Scott would be beneficial for anyone experiencing any back or neck pain. - Matt H.”

- Kelly Hertzfeldt

Chiropractic Care in Galesville, WI, 54630

“Dr. Scott is a very knowledgeable and passionate person when it comes to corrective chiropractic care. He is very good at breaking things down for you to understand, and coming up with effective, long term solutions. I will continue to see Dr. Scott a couple times a month for adjustments and I highly recommend anyone using his services”

- Evan Friedl

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Galesville, WI, 54630

“Wonderful staff willing to work with your needs. I intend to continue all future chiropractic treatments and adjustments through Live Aligned because they do such a great job.”

- Dakota Hoffmann

Auto Injury Care in Galesville, WI, 54630

“Very thorough friendly staff and very knowledgeable I didn’t realize how much this could affect my life until they explained it to me”

- Boyd Shaw Jr.

Pediatric Care in Galesville, WI, 54630

“Dr. Scott takes the time to really understand each persons situation and does his best to help them. The staff is always friendly and makes you feel very welcomed.”

- Clara Horn

Scoliosis Treatment in Galesville, WI, 54630

“Really incredibly nice people that make you feel 16 again! Would highly recommend this awesome place!”

- Brando Guy

Migraine Relief in Galesville, WI, 54630

“My Neck feels 100% better! Dr. Scott and the team at Live Aligned are truly the best in the Industry. I have had neck pain for 20 years and after doing traction the pain is gone.The block scheduling works great for anyone that is busy. There is no waiting for 20-30 minutes past your appointment time like you do at all the other chiropractors. If you show up he will get you adjusted right away!”

- Mark Clough

Sciatica Treatment in Galesville, WI, 54630

“"I have tried multiple chiropractors in the area and none of them were even able to give me a basic adjustment!Being in pain on a daily basis, the lack of ability and results left me frustrated and feeling irritated!So I just gave up...Then Dr. Scott came into my place of employment with his live alinged shirt on and we had a short was me asking if he was a chiropractor and me stating the failure I had with other chiropractors in the area. He accepted the challenge!Not wanting to disappoint his acceptance to the challenge I called his office and set up an appointment.From the moment I walked into his office I knew I'd give him a chance!The staff is absolutely wonderful, welcoming, personable, driven, passionate and so much more!Dr. Scott is definitely driven and focused on helping you truly feel better.His ability to connect with and change people's lives is amazing...True passion"- Katrina L”

- Katrina Layton

Posture Correction in Galesville, WI, 54630

“I've been going here once a week for almost 2 years now. Great service and very friendly and helpful staff!!Highly recommend!!”

- Trevor Dillon