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onalaska chiropractor, pediatric chiropractor, chiropractic care

Why Kids Need chiropractic Care 

Kids have one remarkable characteristic in common with all adults, in that they all have spines which house the nervous system of the body. Through this nervous system, literally every single task performed by the body will be instructed by the brain, and sent to the appropriate group of muscles to carry through with the task. It is just as easy for kids to have their spine damaged or misaligned as it is for adults, and in truth, many of those spinal misalignments actually occur during the early years of life, and are perpetuated on into adulthood.

Many issues which only appear later in life actually got their start during childhood, and continue to worsen during all the intervening years. The truth is, spinal damage and misalignments can occur at any age whatsoever, so it isn’t really a matter of age which is most relevant but maintaining the proper health and movement of the spine. Below you’ll find more reasons why children should be considered for chiropractic care, such as the expert care provided by Live Aligned of Onalaska, WI.

External toxins 

You might be surprised to find out just how many toxins you are exposed to in the course of a typical day, just from the environment where you live. They can be found in your water supply, the foods you eat, medications which you take, and even in the soil beneath your feet. Any time you come into contact with such toxins, you may ingest some of them either through breathing, touching, or actually ingesting them, and when you do that, it puts additional stress on your nervous system.

Children are especially vulnerable to these daily toxins, because they tend to be less aware of them, and are naturally curious about the world around them. When a child’s nervous system is stressed in any way, it puts greater emphasis on any existing spinal restriction or misalignment. Obviously, you can’t protect your child from all the potential toxins he/she may encounter in the course of a day, but you can have their spine checked regularly for any signs of undue stress or beginning misalignment.

Trauma affecting the spine 

Children begin experiencing certain kinds of trauma right from the moment they’re born. Many babies will acquire cervical spine restrictions during the birthing procedure, simply because the birth canal will always be much smaller than the baby itself, and because a tremendous amount of torque is exerted on baby’s body during delivery. This is exactly why some parents have their babies treated by a chiropractor within a few days of birth, so the child can begin life without any kind of spinal subluxations.

As a child begins to grow, they will gradually acquire better motor skills, but before that process is complete, they will probably undergo hundreds of falls – more than they will ever have to endure the rest of their lives. The teen years are especially fraught with dangers and potential trauma to the spine, as contact sports are engaged in, and a great many activities are participated in, all of which carry the possibility of spinal injury.

All these falls amount to trauma which can significantly alter the orientation of the spine, thereby also impacting the function of the nervous system. If these relatively minor traumas are treated by a skilled chiropractor like those at Live Aligned, it can save an awful lot of pain and discomfort during the adult years.


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