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Chiropractors are medical specialists who treat conditions associated with the structure of the body, and their goal is to improve functionality and relieve pain. In order to accomplish this, they perform no surgery and prescribe no drugs, but instead will adjust or manipulate your spine to get them back into their normal position.

The whole idea behind good chiropractic care is that when your body is in perfect alignment, it will heal itself and eliminate pain. If you should experience pain in any of the areas identified below, you should contact us at Live Aligned, and Onalaska chiropractor clinic where we will be happy to address your issues.

Low back pain

This may be the number one reason people visit a chiropractor, and a great many people who do visit the chiropractor experience significant relief after spinal manipulation. In many cases, a chiropractor is better equipped to relieve low back pain than any other medical specialist, because one of the most frequent causes of low back pain is spinal misalignment.

Neck pain

Chiropractors are often called upon to treat neck pain, and they will do this by making adjustments or manipulations in the area of the neck. These kinds of adjustments are quite often more effective than taking any kind of pain medication. It can be especially effective to treat persistent neck pain through chiropractic care, especially when it is the result of some previous injury.


For a person who has tension headaches, it’s very possible that chiropractic adjustment of the neck can relieve these significantly. This kind of headache generally affects the back of your head and your neck, and that’s why chiropractic adjustment can be particularly effective. When coupled with some stretching exercises, and adopting healthy ways of relieving stress, your headaches should become less frequent and less intense.


Whiplash is a specific kind of neck sprain which is a frequent result of being involved in an auto accident. A person suffering from whiplash will feel stiffness and pain in their neck, and it may be even worse when attempting to turn the head in any direction. Sometimes people with whiplash even feel nauseous or dizzy at various times throughout the day. Chiropractors are often able to alleviate the symptoms by adjusting the neck and back, and by recommending some stretching and exercising routines which can be done at home.

Shoulder pain

While most people probably think of neck pain and back pain when they think of chiropractors, shoulder pain is another area which chiropractors frequently address for their clients. If you should be suffering from a stiff or painful shoulder, it might actually be a condition known as frozen shoulder syndrome, and a good chiropractor can help relieve much of the pain associated with this condition. In many cases, a chiropractor can also restore greater movement to your frozen shoulder, and help you get closer to normal.

Knee pain

It’s very common for there to be wear and tear on the knee joints, especially for people afflicted with osteoarthritis. Chiropractors can perform back adjustments and knee adjustments to alleviate much of this pain, and it will almost always be more effective than just doing knee exercises. After just a few weeks of treatment, many people with knee pain have greater movement and far less pain in their joints.

What Kinds of Pain can be Treated by my Chiropractor?
Article Name
What Kinds of Pain can be Treated by my Chiropractor?
Headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and whiplash are some of the aches that can be treated with chiropractic care

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