Is Chiropractic Just a Placebo?

Unless you have experience with chiropractic care, you may wonder, “Is chiropractic just a placebo?” The nature of a placebo is that a cure relies more on the patient believing they have been made well than on any measurable healing effect.

A good example is when a child runs to their mother after scraping their knee. Their mother will kiss the ‘boo-boo’, and it will magically make the pain go away. Except it doesn’t. Although it has no tangible effect on the child, they still believe it has healing properties. So the question is – does chiropractic care affect the patient physically, or does it rely on the patient simply believing they have benefited from it?

Dr. Scott providing consultation for chiropractic care to young woman
chiropractic care consultation

Actual results

Thousands of patients have undergone chiropractic care, and the vast majority of them say they have been helped significantly by the treatment they’ve received. Is this genuine help or perceived help? Science can intervene here to provide a definitive answer. The universal approach in chiropractic care involves the following elements:

  • first, we will perform extensive diagnostic tests to pinpoint what the source of discomfort might be for any given patient
  • a program of treatment will get formulated between patient and chiropractor, focusing on treating this exact issue
  • the treatment will usually call for gentle spinal manipulation to help restore vertebrae to their proper positioning
  • this will also relieve pressure on nerves in the area of the subluxation (misalignment)
  • the patient will be asked to do at-home exercises and stretches to accelerate healing.

While most patients feel some level of immediate relief, it generally takes several sessions to accomplish a satisfactory realignment of the spine. All these actions can be measured scientifically. The result can be measured because the spine gets restored to optimal posture. The real benefit comes from an actual, physical action that has taken place.

Is chiropractic care right for you?

Whether you suffer from persistent back pain or discomfort in other parts of your body, we may be able to help you.

Please call Live Aligned in Onalaska, Wisconsin, to schedule an initial consultation. Then we’ll carry out some diagnostic tests that will pinpoint the cause of your issues. From that point on, we can collaborate on a program of treatment that will convince you of the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

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