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Can I See a Chiropractic Doctor for Sports Injuries?

Elite athletes are constantly pushing themselves to achieve greater things in their respective endeavors, and that means they’re generally pushing their bodies to the limit of their capabilities. Training regimens can be exhausting all by themselves, and competition can push athletes right to the very edge. Even if you’re not an elite athlete, you may be striving to achieve the utmost possible within your sport, and in all these cases, that kind of intense exertion can lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

Whenever you suffer these kinds of injuries, your first recourse should be to schedule an appointment with a skilled chiropractor. Chiropractors have all the necessary training to accurately analyze and treat the ailments and injuries experienced by athletes who are constantly pushing themselves to the limit. Chiropractors have another role as well in assisting athletes in pursuit of their greatest achievements, which is helping the athlete to avoid or prevent injuries.

Managing Pain

Most athletes prefer to avoid using drugs or pain-killers whenever they sustain bodily injuries, and this is quite understandable because athletic competition is meant to be participated in by athletes who are free of all external assistance. Chiropractic care can definitely help in this area, because it will help you to recover from any kind of injury in the fastest possible manner, without the need for drugs or pain-killers.

In many cases, it won’t be necessary to take any kind of medication whatsoever, because spinal manipulation will relieve pressure which has been exerted on nerves, and that will cause the pain to fade away. This is a major benefit, because athletes in pain are unable to achieve their best performances, whereas a healthy athlete, completely free of pain, is much more likely to perform at their peak.

The Chiropractic Approach

Even while striving to the utmost, athletes can have an understanding of how intense exertion affects their bodies, and what they should avoid so as not to over-stress or over-tax their bodies. There’s a big difference between how chiropractors provide assistance to athletes, and how traditional medical doctors do the same thing.

  • most medical doctors don’t treat the body as a fully integrated system, where one part has a direct effect on many other parts, so they treat injuries in a very specific manner
  • chiropractors on the other hand, understand how all the various systems of the body have an effect on each other, so they tend to administer treatment from that perspective
  • chiropractors are ideally positioned to assist athletes because they have the knowledge and the capability of providing special attention to tendons, muscles, nerves, joints, and the spine
  • chiropractic care takes the approach that the entire musculoskeletal system should be working in harmony, and that all parts of it affect each of the other parts
  • chiropractic care will enable you to achieve your peak performance, without injuring yourself or without causing any serious problems for your body.

So the answer to the question about whether you should take your sports injury to a chiropractor, is a resounding ‘yes‘!

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