Can a Chiropractor Help with Vertigo?

Approximately 40% of all American adults will experience dizziness, vertigo, or balance-related issues at least once during their lifetime. For most of these individuals, the experience occurs no more than a few times and then disappears. However, for some, vertigo has been a part of their life for quite some time, and an episode can be very disruptive. If you’re someone who suffers from the condition, you may have wondered, “Can a chiropractor help with vertigo?”

woman suffering from vertigo
woman suffering from vertigo

Causes of vertigo

In most cases, vertigo stems from a problem with the inner ear, usually a fluid build-up in an area connected to the upper cervical vertebrae. Anytime there is a misalignment with these vertebrae it will inhibit the draining of that fluid leading to an episode of vertigo. It is possible to correct the alignment of the upper cervical vertebrae by manipulation. This allows fluids to drain correctly and prevents fluid accumulation that might cause vertigo.

When a chiropractor gently manipulates those upper cervical vertebrae, it will lead to fluid drainage and prevention of the vertigo condition. By maintaining alignment with chiropractic adjustments, it is much easier to prevent episodes of vertigo. The answer as to whether or not chiropractic care can help manage the dizziness of vertigo – is a most definite ‘yes.’

Proof in the pudding

You may be skeptical about it – that neck manipulation can treat vertigo – but consider this solid evidence: Several studies and tests have been conducted on this subject. The findings are universally similar:

  • reduction in the symptoms of vertigo
  • improved sense of balance
  • reduction in neck pain
  • fewer problems with dizziness and disorientation

Enough studies have been conducted on vertigo treatment via chiropractic care to make the results convincing and irrefutable. It is widely accepted that chiropractic treatment can ease vertigo episodes and often eliminate them. Chiropractic treatment may be an option if you have experienced periodic vertigo attacks.

Contact us

At our Live Aligned clinic in Onalaska, Wisconsin, we have treated quite a few patients suffering from vertigo. While it certainly isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can severely impact your daily life. We have expert chiropractors on hand at our facility; you can count on being diagnosed accurately and then treated so that the underlying cause of your discomfort resolves.

We can provide you with the kind of treatment that will, at the very least, lessen the severity of any episodes, and we may even be able to eliminate them. Getting a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle starts with contacting us.

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